June 2016 Training Update

Last day of June seems like a good time to do anoth­er train­ing update.

Body 30 May 30 June Diff
Weight 220.0 211.0 -9.0 (-4.1%)
Body­fat 31.1% 29.1% -2.0% (-6.4%)
Waist 44 58 43 12 -1 18 (-2.5%)
BMI 35.5 34.1 -1.4 (-3.9%)

This month was OK for me. For­ward progress, but I could have been better.

My goal for June was to not eat out any week­night. I did not always stick to it, but I did sig­nif­i­cant­ly curb it. This is due to actu­al­ly doing week­ly meal prep with the Tup­per­ware I had bought but just let sit around before. Now that I can just pull some­thing out of the fridge and give it a quick nuke before eat­ing, I am much less like­ly to be lazy about cook­ing and clean­ing than I was before.

My goal for July — not eat­ing any snacks from the office kitchen.

And as for the expen­di­ture side of things, here are my lift­ing numbers.

Lift May 1RM June 1RM Diff
Bench Press 219 158 -61 (-27.9%)
Dead­lift 284 301 +17 (6.0%)
Over­head Press 148 148 = (0%)
Back Squat 191 209 +18 (9.4%)
Wilks 484.27 479.32 -4.95 (-1.0%)

Still on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 pro­gram, and I worked in the extra “Big But Bor­ing” acces­so­ry lifts this month. It seems to mar­gin­al­ly help my endurance; I have a lit­tle bit extra left in the tank for the fol­low­ing cycle.

I reset my bench press num­bers because I failed on a top set with the safeties set just a touch too low. (Or maybe my weight gain made my chest thick­er than before). The bar­bell pinned me against the bench and I did not even have the ener­gy for a roll of shame. Scared of dying alone like this, I ordered some dumb­bells that I can safe­ly drop to the sides. I am now dou­bling the dumb­bell num­ber to get a rough equiv­a­lent bar­bell num­ber for the pur­pose of these write-ups. Doing the dumb­bell ver­sion is decid­ed­ly tougher and I start­ed low to make sure I am using prop­er form.

I also failed on my top set of over­head press. Maybe just too much of a jump from last month, or maybe I am just too close to my body’s phys­i­cal lim­its, but this lift has always had the slow­est progress for me any­way. It might be time for me to break out the frac­tion­al plates instead of round­ing to the near­est 5 pound mark for these.

Incre­men­tal gains on dead­lift and back squat. Hope­ful­ly those keep mov­ing up slow­ly but steadily.

211 puts me into the 30+ BMI “Class I Obese” range. Glad I was able to move out of Class II and hope to con­tin­ue drop­ping down. Next stop is 185, my Overweight/Obese barrier!

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