Enter the Funhouse

After the Work­ing Wildlife tour, I hus­tled back to town for a sec­ond Atlas Obscu­ra event! Erin and San­di were there also, but Siegfried was the offi­cial Field Agent for “Enter the Fun­house”. It was his first event in an offi­cial capac­i­ty for Atlas Obscura!

The Fun­house is actu­al­ly the apart­ment of Alexa and Chris, our fan­tas­tic hosts.

Alexa and Chris, Funhouse hosts

Its begin­nings were quite hum­ble. Alexa had just moved to Los Ange­les and moved into the space, which was very plan. White walls, bare wood floors, etc. Chris was head-over-heels for her and would come hang out under the guise of doing some home repairs. After a while, they ran out of actu­al things that need­ed fix­ing and start­ing mak­ing up things to do. First, they added “the periscope” — a sys­tem of mir­rors on hinges — so that from the bed­room, Alexa could see out of every win­dow at the same time. This also meant they can always have eye con­tact while talk­ing from dif­fer­ent parts of the house.


They also max­i­mized the space by rip­ping out all stor­age. As Chris put it, “Why store more things when you can store more peo­ple?” Every nook and cran­ny in the apart­ment holds at least one sur­prise for vis­i­tors. The pantry was con­vert­ed into a break­fast nook that dou­ble as the world’s tini­est disco!

Breakfast nook

Tiniest disco

My own pho­to from inside the dis­co is very lim­it­ed, but it’s an amaz­ing space. You can close the cur­tains and there’s light-reac­tive posters, a laser show, even a fog machine.

One of their clos­ets is the “Nel­son Man­dela Memo­r­i­al,” a trip­py black light “jel­ly­fish room” viewed through lentic­u­lar glasses.

Nelson Mandela Memorial

Jellyfish room

The effect is much bet­ter in stere­o­scope, by the way.

Anoth­er clos­et, still in progress, is a rock­et ship karaōke lounge.

Space lounge

They even turned the bath­room med­i­cine cab­i­net into a tiny gift shop!

Gift shop

Gift shop (adult section)

And on top of all that, there are rain­bows every­where, both paint­ed and pris­mat­ic. Here’s the entrance from inside and out.

Rainbow stairs

Top of stairs

I think Siegfried first described the Fun­house to us as a “mag­i­cal place of rain­bows and whim­sy”, but that does not say enough. Alexa and Chris are clear­ly two of the fun, ener­getic, pos­i­tive peo­ple I have ever met. You can­not be around them and talk to them and not smile. Beyond their amaz­ing vibe, though, I real­ly have to admire their com­mit­ment to the Fun­house. How many of us are will­ing to emp­ty out our clos­ets to make extra par­ty rooms?

If you ever get a chance to see the Fun­house either on a tour or at one of their Shab­bat din­ners, you have to do it!

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