Zero Escape Puzzle Hunt

After “Trust on Tri­al”, I asked for a game kit for SCRAP’s “Zero Escape Puz­zle Hunt”.

Zero Escape Puzzle Hunt

This was SCRAP LA’s first “Escape Park” style game, where you go around the neigh­bor­hood find­ing clues to solve the puz­zles on your game kit. It played dur­ing Ani­mé Expo at the con­ven­tion hall and around Lit­tle Tokyo. For peo­ple with­out Ani­me Expo badges, there is a “cheat sheet” post­card with copies of the clues in the hall. It is very sim­i­lar to SCRAP SF’s “10,000 Trea­sure Hunters” games, which were coor­di­nat­ed with Japan­town’s JPOP Fes­ti­val. The game is free to play; I think 10,000 Trea­sure Hunters was a very cheap tick­et just for crowd con­trol pur­pos­es. And both were of low­er dif­fi­cul­ty than stan­dard SCRAP games.

The over­all puz­zle hunt was very short. There were four puz­zle clues inside Ani­mé Expo, which I got from the post­card. There are three remain­ing clues out­side. One was post­ed in the win­dow of SCRAP LA’s store­front, and the final two used sig­nage from busi­ness­es in the area. Using edu­cat­ed guess­es, I did not need to vis­it the two busi­ness­es, so the only clue from the entire puz­zle hunt that I need­ed to vis­it in per­son was the one at SCRAP LA. Even with the oblig­a­tory SCRAP twist for the last puz­zle, the entire game took me about 15 min­utes to com­plete on my own.

Slight­ly dis­ap­point­ed, I made my way over to the end location.

Zero Escape Puzzle Hunt end location

Instead of staff check­ing your phys­i­cal answer sheet at check­points, Zero Escape Puz­zle Hunt used a web­site check-in sys­tem. After you solved the final puz­zle, it asks you to post your suc­cess to social media. The end loca­tion staffers just check for your post before giv­ing you a prize. I got lucky num­ber 5 from the prize wheel — a post­card ad for Zero Escape — Zero Time Dilem­ma and a dis­count code for a future SCRAP game.

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Com­ing from an escape room stand­point, this was not SCRAP’s best work, but I am sure peo­ple who came for Ani­mé Expo and got this as a treat enjoyed it. Espe­cial­ly the ladies, who were unan­i­mous fans of the Jun­pei cutout.

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