Hello (Again) World!

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Wel­come to my Word­Press. This is my first post of a new iter­a­tion of my bor­ing and soon-to-be-neglect­ed blog.

If you are a first-time read­er, I do not mean to be a down­er, but the above has proven accu­rate many times in the past. Nonethe­less, here we are, and I plan on mak­ing an hon­est go of things.

I recent­ly moved to the Los Ange­les area and plan to use this space to doc­u­ment my adven­tures and obses­sions for your con­sid­er­a­tion. You can expect posts about my quest to get harder/better/faster/stronger, cool places I have vis­it­ed, and thoughts on var­i­ous things I have watched or read.

I plan to update every two weeks on aver­age, but posts may come in fran­tic spurts or between awk­ward silences.

Also, this may be weird, but I am going to try to back­date posts to when I did things to see if I’m hav­ing any dry spells activ­i­ty-wise. This may change lat­er and post order may get jum­bled up, but con­tent will be the same.

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