May 2016 Training Update

As May 2016 comes to an end, time for a quick update on my train­ing progress. I antic­i­pate that most of my train­ing posts will be one-offs or a short series as I develop new skills, but body train­ing (i.e., diet and exer­cise) will be indef­i­nitely ongo­ing with roughly monthly updates.

Body May 2 May 30 Diff
Weight 210.8 220.0 +9.8 (4.4%)
Body­fat 29.3% 31.1% +1.8% (6.1%)
Waist 43 18 44 58 +1 12 (3.5%)
BMI 34.0 35.5 +1.5 (4.4%)

As you can see, this month was not good for me. Partly due to a stretch of veg­e­tar­i­an­ism I did for reli­gious rea­sons which led to eat­ing more carbs. Partly because of more travel back up to Nor­Cal and also Nor­Cal folks com­ing down to visit me and the “vaca­tion” eat­ing that spurred.

But really, it was on me for fail­ing on more of a daily level. Being lazy and eat­ing out instead of cook­ing healthy for myself and not track­ing my intake in my calo­rie counter app.

My goal for June is to not eat out any week­night.

And as for the expen­di­ture side of things, here are my lift­ing num­bers.

Lift April 1RM May 1RM Diff
Bench Press 212 219 +7 (3.3%)
Dead­lift 273 284 +11 (4.0%)
Over­head Press 143 148 +5 (3.5%)
Back Squat 184 191 +7 (3.8%)
Wilks 477.21 484.27 +7.06 (1.5%)

As you can see from this table, I am still on Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 pro­gram. While I did have some gains, my “body” num­bers above sug­gest that I need to do more. Since mov­ing to LA, I have only been going the main lifts, but my goal for June is to rein­cor­po­rate the “Big But Bor­ing” acces­sory lifts and find a way to add car­dio back into my régime.

220 is the heav­i­est I have ever been since I start­ing track­ing my weight five years ago, and it offi­cially puts me into the 35+ BMI “Class II Obese” range. Hope­fully, the changes I plan for June help me get back down and I can say that I will never again be this heavy.

Can You Hear Me Now?


My first post is actu­ally in prepa­ra­tion for the many adven­tures I hope to have and write about.

I added an “Adven­ture Map” to the site so you can see where I have been and plan on going soon. My plan is to hit up every part of town and not have any “dead zones.” If you know of any spots I have not marked but should check out, let me know with this con­tact form!

Hello (Again) World!

goofy max wave

Wel­come to my Word­Press. This is my first post of a new iter­a­tion of my bor­ing and soon-to-be-neglected blog.

If you are a first-time reader, I do not mean to be a downer, but the above has proven accu­rate many times in the past. Nonethe­less, here we are, and I plan on mak­ing an hon­est go of things.

I recently moved to the Los Ange­les area and plan to use this space to doc­u­ment my adven­tures and obses­sions for your con­sid­er­a­tion. You can expect posts about my quest to get harder/better/faster/stronger, cool places I have vis­ited, and thoughts on var­i­ous things I have watched or read.

I plan to update every two weeks on aver­age, but posts may come in fran­tic spurts or between awk­ward silences.

Also, this may be weird, but I am going to try to back­date posts to when I did things to see if I’m hav­ing any dry spells activ­ity-wise. This may change later and post order may get jum­bled up, but con­tent will be the same.